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TNK BDM Circulating Oils


The TNK BDM oils are specially designed to be used in the circulating lubrication systems of paper rmaking machines.
The oils are comprised of high quality basic components and the additives which provide exclusively high level of performance. The oils perfectly perform at higher temperatures in the drying sections of paper making machines. They are recommended to lubricate friction bearings, frictionless bearings and spur gearings using methods of spraying, submersion and circulating lubrication.


Advantages of the TNK BDM oils are as follows:
 Prolonged service life due to high chemical and thermal stability
 Better corrosion protection
 Reduced expenditures for technical maintenance due to reduced wear of toothed gearings and bearings
 Perfect anti-foaming and de-aeration properties allow avoiding cavitation and noise
 High filtration level even where water is present allows prolonging service life of the oil and system assemblies
 Exclusive demulsifying properties, rapid and complete water separation


The TNK BDM oils conform to ISO VG 150, 220. The oils with this additive package conform to Voith VN 108, SKF specifications related to the requirements to the drying sections of the papermaking machines. The oils conform to DIN 51517, Part III (CLP).


TNK BDM 150 220
Kinematic viscosity at 40 oC, mm2/s 145.1 215.7
Density at 20 oC, g/cm3 982 0.894
Flash point COC, 0C 214a 222
Pour point -18 -19
Color 41397 3.0
Time to split emulsion min 35 35
Layers Volume (oil-water-emulsion), cm3 (41-39-0) (42-38-0)
Four-ball machine    
Wear Index, N 607 615
Scar Diameter, mm 0.35  0.33
Produced according to Technical Specifications 0253-013-44918199-2005
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