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TNK Hydraulic ZF Ashless Hydraulic Oil Series



TNK Hydraulic ZF is a series of ashless, zinc-free hydraulic oils, developed for application in
heavy loaded hydraulic systems of imported and locally made industrial equipment. The
prevailing application for these oils is equipment for plastic industry.
TNK Hydraulic ZF oils are manufactured from high quality hydrotreated mineral base stocks
combined with special package of imported additives. The package is being widely used by
leading lube manufacturers worldwide, contains no metal, reduces oxidation of the oil and
improves corrosion and wear protection of the hydraulic system. All components of the base
oils and additives are designed to assure excellent filterability comparing to conventional
hydraulic oils. TNK Hydraulic ZF oils are fully compatible with other ashless and standard
(containing zinc) hydraulic oils in wide temperature range.


TNK Hydraulic ZF oils offer following advantages:
 Correspond to requirements of most equipment builders (OEM); have wide
application range
 There are no contamination of the environment by zinc and other metals due to
leakages and/or disposal
 Provide improved protection from rust and corrosion, especially copper and copper
alloys, due to multi-component balanced composition of additives
 Do not tend to form deposits in hydraulic systems, which prevents locks of hydraulic
 Improved filterability, even in presence of water, allows implementation of finer filters
and increase the equipment life span


All grades within TNK Hydraulic HVLP series are developed and correspond to the requirements
of DIN 51524 part II. Complies with ISO 11158.
Approved by Bosch-Rexroth, Denison HFO, HF1, HF2, Eaton-Vickers 35VQ25, Cincinatti
Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70.
Correspond to the requirements of Engel, Arburg and Battenfeld.


TNK Hydraulic ZF 46 68
Viscosity index 97 97
Kinematical Viscosity at 40°, mm2/s 47.8 68.2
Density at 20°C, g/cm3  0.867  0.874
Flash point COC, oC  97 97
Pour point, oC  0.890 0.895
TAN, mg KOH/g  200 205

Produced according to Technical Specifications 0253-014-44918199-2005


This information serves as reference and can be changed without notice.
Produced on July 05, 2010. This version supersedes all previous descriptions of the product.


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