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TNK I-PV Circulation Oils


TNK I-PV series oils are used for lubrication of the most critical part of domestic steel mills roll neck plain bearings.
These oils are made of high quality hydrotreated mineral base stock compounded with additives improving viscosity index (TNK I460PV), antioxidation, anticorrosion, antifoam properties and demulsibility. In 2006 TNK Lubricants LLC introduced new specification for these oils with much narrower requirements in terms of base stocks treatment level and stability against oxidation.


TNK I-PV series have following advantages:
 Excellent demulsibility of the oils allows their use even in unit with high level of contamination by water
 Due to total compatibility to materials commonly used in the bearing assembly and lubrication systems, these oils increase equipment life time and bust the productivity of the steel mill
 The common type of circulation oil for domestic steel mills


Approved by JSC EZTM (JSC Elektrostal Heavy Engineering Work).
By GOST 17479.4-87 they marked as ITV-46, ITV-220, ITV-460 accordingly.


Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s      
at 40oC 43.7 220.2 424.4
at 100oC 6.73 18.10 29.4
Viscosity Index 105 96 95
Density at 20oC, g/cm3 0.872 238 0.904
Flash point COC, oC 218 18.10 250
Pour point, oC -12 -12 -10
TAN, mg KOH/g 0.21 0.28 0.29
Time to split the emulsion, min., 20 20 20
Layers Volume (oil-water-emulsion), cm3 (40-40-0) (40-40-0) (40-40-0)


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