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TNK MNS Series Way Oils


TNK MNS are developed for application as way oils in modern industrial equipment.
These oils are manufactured from high quality base stocks additivated by package that
improves anti-wear, slip-stick, anti-oxidation and anti-foam properties. Usually TNK MNS 68 is
being used in horizontal slideways of machine tools; whilst TNK MNS 220 in vertical ones. On
top of that, in case of necessity or for the purpose of stock minimization, TNK MNS 68 can be
used as hydraulic oil and TNK MNS 220 can be used as gear oil in machine tools units.


TNK MNS series have following advantages :
 Assure high quality of the surface of machining parts due to reduction chatter and
vibration caused by “slip-stick” effect
 Provide strong lubricating film, resists “water-off” by coolants.
 Provide protection on all machine tool metal surfaces.
 Are compatible with all normal oil seal materials


TNK MNS oils correspond to ISO 6743/13 HG 68, 220 accordingly. Under GOST 17479.4 they
are marked as I-GN-E-68, 220 and INSp-40, 110.
Oils meet requirements of following standards Cincinatti Milacron P-47, P-50 and Shmidt.


TNK MNS  68  220
Kinematic viscosity at 40 oC, mm2/s   65,4 213,9
Density at 20oC, g/cm3  0.872  0.898
Flash point COC, oC   226 228
Pour point, oC   -20 -15
TAN, mg KOH/g   0.27 0.40
Four-Ball Machine:    
Wear Index, N  555  447
Scar Diameter, mm 0,39 0,34


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