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TNK ATF III automatic transmission fluid



TNK ATF III – semi-synthetic oil for automatic gearboxes and transmissions, and power steering units of imported and domestic cars, trucks, buses and special vehicles, when it is prescribed by vehicle manufacturer.The oil offers high operational performance and produced based on mineral hydrotreated oils with high viscosity index with involvement of anti-oxidation, anti-wear, detergent and anti-foam additives, and friction modifiers. Friction index-sliding velocity relationship ensured by this oil series accommodates various requirements of individual automatic gearbox manufacturers in accordance with specifications developed by them.TNK ATF III is distinguished for its excellent ageing resistance, anti-wear and viscosity-temperature properties. Color of oil – red.


TNK ATF III oil series offer the following advantages:

 Improved viscosity properties at low temperatures facilitate operation of automatic gearbox in various climate zones

Optimal friction properties provide for noiseless operation and smooth shift of gears even in continuous operation in heavy-duty conditions
Excellent anti-oxidation properties ensure avoiding deposits inside the gearbox
Reliable anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection, excellent anti-foam properties
Compatible with gland and seal materials, used in manufacturing of transmission units
Can be applied to replace TNK ATF IID



TNK ATF III is compliant with requirements of following specifications:

GM Dexron III G
MB 236.1
MB 236.5
ZF TE-ML-09B and 14A
Voith 55.6335
MAN 339 Type D
Allison C-4
CaT TO-2


Cinematic viscosity at 100 °c, mm2/s


Dynamic viscosity at -40 °c, mPa⋅s


Viscosity index


Open flash point,°c


Pour point, °c

- 47

Density at 15°c, g/sm3






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