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TNK Magnum Standart



TNK Magnum Standart intended primarily for Russian brands of cars with petrol and diesel engines of past years of release. Oils of this series can be operated in the northern regions (except the Far North), average strip and the southern regions of the CIS. This oils can be used in the engines of cars AvtoVAZ production and similar vehicles. Oils of TNK Magnum Standart great for high-mileage cars and engines with more wear and tear.


TNK Magnum Standart - high-quality motor oil, reliable motor protection vehicles under normal loads and modes of operation. Oil is produced from high quality mineral base deep cleaning of components with high-quality package of functional additives. Oils of TNK Magnum Standart have good viscosity-temperature properties, satisfy requirements of manufacturers for flow and pumpability of oil. These properties are provided by the optimal composition of basic components and the modifier.


• Viscosity grade SAE 15W-40 and SAE 20W-50
• Operational class classification API SF / CC (for cars with benzin and diesel)


TNK Magnum Standart 15W-40 20W-50
Kinematic viscosity at 100, mm2/s 14,5 16,5
at -20 oC 7000  
at -15 oC   9500
Density at 15, g/cm3 0,882 0,891
Viscosity index 130 110
Sulphated ash, % 0,9 0,9
TBN, mg /g 5,2 5,2
Open-cup flash-point,  210 225
Pour point,  -28 -10



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