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TNK Trans Gipoid 80W-90


The TNK Trans Gipoid 80W-90 transmission oil is designed to lubricate transmission gears of cars and trucks, including hypoid gearings, as well as transfer boxes and reducers of the steering systems.

The oil may also be used in the transfer boxes and other assemblies which require oils of the API GL-5 level. The TNK Trans Gipoid 80W-90 oil is comprised of high quality mineral base oil and the modern imported package of additives. The oil is not recommended for use in manual transmissions with control clocks made of non-ferrous metals.


Advantages of the TNK Trans Gipoid 80W-90 oil are as follows:

       The package of the imported anti-seizure additives provides high level of protection under different loads which include high speed, high torque and shock loads

       Reduced wear of toothed gears and bearings decreases repair expenditures.

       The oil is designed in accordance with the requirements to domestically produced and imported hypoid gearings of both trucks and cars.

       The oil may also be used as multigrade oil for toothed gears of civil engineering machinery.


The TNK Trans Gipoid 80W-90 transmission oil conforms to GL-5 Group according to API Classification. The TNK Trans Hypoid oil conforms to TTM AutoVAZ 1.97.0716-98.


Kinematic viscosity at 100°c, mm2/s


Dynamic viscosity at -26°c, mPa⋅s

120 000

Viscosity index


Density at 20 °c, g/cm3


Flash point COC, °c


Pure point, °c


Copper corrosion test at 120 °c during 3 hrs




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