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TNK REVOLUX D 1 SAE 20-30-40


Oils TNK Revolux D1 SAE 20W, 30, 40 are applied in the engines, demanding demanding oils of level not above CF-4. These oils are intended for application in engines of last generations with big run class Euro-0, Evro-I and Evro-II of trucks, agricultural, road-building and engineering machinery of old technology.
TNK Revolux D1 - series are high-quality motor oils for year-round application in the high-loaded diesel engines demanding oils of level not above CF-4.
TNK Revolux D1 SAE MNC 20W, 30, 40 are made on the basis of the high-quality hydrocleared mineral basic components possessing unsurpassed viscous properties. The composition of oils includes an effective package of functional additives with high antiwear, anti-oxidizing, washing and dispersing properties.
Oils TNK Revolux D1 SAE MNC 20W, 30, 40 specially developed for the engines of Euro-0 and Euro-I and Euro-II, especially for those who have undergone several overhauls. Due to not thickened unique formulation of these oils minimize the risk of pressure drop in engine oil line, extending their life.


TNK Revolux D1-series provide the following benefits:
  • Existence of various classes of viscosity in the range of oils allows to pick up an optimum product, to prevent pressure drop in an engine oil system with big wear, to prolong term services of the oil pump and all cylinder-piston group
  • Effective anti-oxidizing components of a functional package of additives give to oils of this series high thermooxidizing stability and actively protect the engine from formations of harmful deposits in cylinders, on surfaces of pistons and piston rings
  • Oils effectively neutralize corrosion and active connections which are formed in case of application of diesel fuel with the raised content of sulfur, including up to 0,5
    SAE 20W, 30, 40
    Syntethic and Semisyntethic Engine Oils
  • The special formulation differs in good compatibility with materials of
epiploons and gaskets that allows to prevent leakages of oil in engines with big


  • Classes of viscosity SAE 20W, SAE 30, SAE 40
  • Operational class classification API CF-4, CF / SJ
  • Oils TNK Revolux D1 SAE 20W, 30, 40 meet the requirements of the biggest
  • Russian manufactures KAAZ and JAMZ-3-02


TNK Revolux D1
TNK Revolux D1
TNK Revolux D1
SAE 30
TNK Revolux D1
SAE 40
Kinematic viscosity at 100, mm2/s 9,3 11,5 14,5
mass fraction of mechanical impurity,
not more than 
0,008 0,008 0,008
Viscosity index, not less then 99 98 98
Sulphated ash,  1,1 1,1 1,1
TBN, mg /g 8,4 8,4 8,4
Open-cup flash-point,  205 210 220
Pour point,  -36 -25 -18
NOACK test,  12 12 12 



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