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Gear oil designed for lubrication heavy loaded spur, bevel and spiral bevel gearings of heavy vehicles KAMAZ and other motor vehicles. Keeps a long operation at temperatures -20...+130°. Has high EP, wear-preventive and low-temperature properties. Unique anticorrosion properties protect transmission unit details. Presence of anti-foaming additives prevents the formation of stable foam in operating unit. Designation according to GOST 17479.2 – 3-18. Corresponds to viscosity grade SAE 90 and classification API GL-3. Has the approval for production and application of Interdepartmental commission at GosStandard RF  3454/967, Fuso KAMAZ Trucks Rus.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Property Typical values
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 5,1
Viscosity index 97
TBN, mg tuh/g 650
Flash point, °C 222
Pour point, °C -28
Sulphated Ash % 0,891


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