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TNK Compressor VDL



The TNK Compressor VDL oils are used to lubricate the compressors operated in various industries.
The oils are comprised of the highly purified mineral base oils and the package of imported additives which improve their anti-corrosive and anti-oxidative properties. The TNK Compressor VDL 46 and 48 oils are used to lubricate oil-flooded screw compressors and rotary compressors while the TNK Compressor VDL 100, 150 and 220 oils are designed for wide range of piston-type compressors when requirements to the oil are high anti-sedimentation and good anti-oxidative ability. The oils may also be used in circulating systems of the both friction and frictionless bearings operated at high temperatures. The oils of this series conform to Category VDL requirements of DIN 51506 in full.


TNK Compressor VDL oils offer following advantages:
 High resistance to carbon deposit and varnish formation on valves and piston crowns under exposure to corrosion products (iron oxides and hydroxides) where working temperatures and pressures are high
Improved anti-corrosive properties help effectively protect equipment and prolong service life of internal metal surfaces.
 Superior anti-foaming properties provide rapid air separation without excessive foaming.
 Good demulsifying properties allow rapid removal of excessive water from the oil circulation system.


TNK Compressor VDL series are developed and correspond to the requirements of DIN 51506 part III. The TNK Compressor VDL oils are recommended for use in air and gas compressors produced by BORETS Ltd. The TNK Compressor VLD 150 and 220 oils are recommended for use in piston-type compressors which are produced by ARIEL CORPORATION to pump dried natural gas. The TNK Compressor VDL 150 and 220 oils are recommended for use in the air piston-type compressors produced by PenzCompressorMach.


TNK Compressor VDL 46 68 100 150 220
Kinematic viscosity at 40 0C, mm2/s 46.1 62.3 101.7 151.7 218.1
Kinematic viscosity at 100 0C, mm2/s 6.6 8.1 11.1 14.3 18.0
Density at 15 0C, g/cm3 0.890 0.895 0.897 0.891 0.895
Flash point COC, 0C 212 222 232 242 254
Pour point, 0C -15 -15 -15 -15 -15
TAN, mg KOH/g 0.18 0.18 0.20 0.20 0.20


Produced according to Technical Specifications 0253-021-44918199-2006

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