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Year-round mineral engine oil. Designed for lubrication of gasoline and diesel engines of present-day motor cars and auto-trucks of domestic and foreign manufacture. Has excellent detergent and antioxidant properties. Due to high viscosity it is recommended to use in the summer period. Low pour point provides cold starting at cold snap. Operatives at ambient temperatures from -30°C to +50°C. Corresponds to viscosity grade SAE 20W-50, classification API SG/CD and GOST 17479. 1/D2. Use in accordance with vehicles manufacturer'srecommendations.

Physical and chemical characteristics

Property Typical values
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 19,0
Viscosity index 140
TBN, mg tuh/g 7,2
Flash point, °C 235
Pour point, °C -35
Density at 20°C, g/sm3 0,889


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