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TNK Magnum Super 5W-40


TNK Magnum Super 5W-40 is a high-quality engine oil designated for gasoline and diesel engines of contemporary cars, including turbo engines. This oil ensures effective engine protection both at low and high ambient temperatures.
TNK Magnum Super 5W-40 oil is made based on semi-synthetic base stocks using a advanced additive package, and Magnum SV, a shear-resistant viscosity modifier. TNK Magnum Super 5W-40 has improved flow at low temperatures, which makes it irreplaceable for application in the regions with extremely continental climate and cold winters.


TNK Magnum Super 5W-40 oil has the following features:
the use of Magnum SV, a specifically selected viscosity modifier, ensures stable viscosity in the whole oil’s operating life
consistently high performance characteristics at different operating modes within the useful life due to exceptional stability of all the components (“stay-in-grade” category)
efficient engine protection from deposits in cylinders, on pistons and rings
ensures efficient cooling of engine parts and protection from overheating
excellent anti-friction and anti-wear properties, which is especially relevant for the gas distribution mechanism during engine start
compatibility with all engine seals


TNK Magnum Super 5W-40 complies with API SL/CF grade.


Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 14.2
Dynamic viscosity, CCS, at -30°C, mPa⋅s  6500
Density at 15°C, g/cm3 0.864
Viscosity index 163
Sulphated ash, %  1.1
TBN, mg KOH/g  7.2
Open-cup flash-point,°C 212
Pour point,°C  -43
NOACK test, %  13


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