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TNK Magnum Super 15W-50


TNK Magnum Super 15W-50 is a high-quality semi-synthetic engine oil designated for gasoline and diesel engines. It is recommended for application in high ambient temperatures and for old engines.
TNK Magnum Super 15W-50 TNK Magnum Super 10W-40 is made with a modern additive package, and Magnum SV, a shear-resistant viscosity modifier. The specifically selected composition has been developed for engines with high oil consumption.


TNK  Magnum Super 15W-50 has the following features:
 the use of Magnum SV, a specifically selected viscosity modifier, ensures stable viscosity in the whole oil’s operating life
 excellent for engines running for over 100 thousand km
 ensures higher engine cleanness due to a rather high content of synthetic components
 ensures less deposits in the engine, especially on the parts affected by high temperatures, due to a high washing and dispersive capacity of the additives package


TNK Magnum Super 15W-50 complies with API SL/CF grade.



Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 18.58
Dynamic viscosity, CCS, at -30°C, mPa⋅s  6850
Density at 15°C, g/cm3 0.886
Viscosity index 142
Sulphated ash, %  1.1
TBN, mg KOH/g  7,2
Open-cup flash-point,°C  217
Pour point,°C -32
NOACK test, %  11


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