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TNK ATF III Syntetic automatic transmission fluid




Synthetic transmission oil

For automatic transmissions
High anti-wear properties
Improved viscosity-temperature properties
Approved by leading manufacturers
Excellent low-temperature properties
Suitable for vehicles of European manufacturers


TNK ATF III Synt oil is designed for automatic transmissions and hydraulic steering boosters for
cars, trucks, city and intercity buses, road-building and municipal vehicles of foreign brands
according to their operating manuals.
The oil conforms to the requirements of leading global manufacturers of automatic transmissions
and transmission components as well as manufacturers of cars and trucks.


TNK ATF III Synt is a top-class fully synthetic oil for automatic transmissions and hydraulic
steering boosters. The oil offers exceptional operating properties and ensures the most efficient and
longest operation of contemporary automatic gearboxes. TNK ATF III Synt is made from highquality
synthetic base components from a leading global manufacturer. It contains a package of
functional additives from a leading foreign manufacturer, successfully approved by manufacturers
of automatic gearboxes. The package contains highly active friction modifiers and offers
exceptional antioxidant, anti-wear, detergent and antifoam properties.
TNK ATF III Synt ensures the most optimal correlation between the material friction factors in the
automatic gearbox clutch pack and the sliding velocity. The developers of this oil type have taken
into consideration the most stringent operating requirements of various manufacturers of automatic
gearboxes. The oil has been developed in strict compliance with a wide range of specifications from
automatic gearbox manufacturers.
TNK ATF III Synt is characterized by extraordinary good tolerance to oxidation and ageing,
excellent anti-wear and viscosity-temperature properties.
Exceptional operating properties of TNK ATF III Synt allow extending the oil change intervals
according to the operating manual.


TNK ATF III Synt oil offers the following benefits:

 High viscosity index of the base synthetic component allows the widest operating temperature range for the oil even at highest load.
 Exceptional viscosity-temperature properties ensure smooth operation of automatic gearboxes in all climatic zones with the highest transmitted power and torque.
 Ensures very easy and fast engine start and motion even in the coldest winter months.
 Best friction properties of the oil ensure noise-free operation and smooth gear shifting even during long periods of operation under the most severe conditions.
 Washing and antioxidant components with enhanced efficiency solve the problem of harmful deposits on working faces of automatic gearbox parts.
 Synthetic base components of the oil are characterized by decreased evaporability at high operating temperatures and high resistance to oxidation.
 The oil offers the best protection of automatic gearboxes from wear and corrosion, extending the service life and dramatically cutting the service and repair costs.
 The oil is fully compatible with the materials of gaskets (seals) for automatic transmissions and hydraulic steering boosters.
 Can be used instead of TNK ATF IID and TNK ATF III.


TNK ATF III Synt conforms to the following requirements of transmission component manufacturers: ZF TE-ML-02F, 03D, 04D, 14C, 16M, 17C, Voith 55.6336, Allison C-4.
 TNK ATF III Synt conforms to the following requirements of car manufacturers: GM Dexron IIIH, MB 236.81, MAN 339 Type Z-3 and V-2, Cat TO-2.


Available in 1 l, 4 l and 20 l containers, and 180 kg barrels.


Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 7.5,
Dynamic viscosity, CCS, at -30°C, mPa⋅s  8,200
Viscosity index 179
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 0.862
Copper strip corrosion at 120°C, during 3 hours, points 16
Open-cup flash-point,°C  230
Pour point,°C  -47


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