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TNK Trans KP Super 75W-90



TNK Trans KP Super 75W-90 is multigrade semisynthetic gear oil for manual gearbox of passenger and commercial vehicles and is designed with special additive technology. Gear oil made on the basis of high quality hydrotreated mineral base oils with the use of patented foreign technologies and components.
TNK Trans KP Super 75W-90 is designed with regards (account) of gear oils for synchronous manual gearbox of vehicles for thermo-oxidative stability and long life of synchronizers.


TNK Trans KP Super 75W-90 gear oil provides the following advantages:
 Superior antifoaming and anticorrosion properties, excellent compatibility with elastomers
 High oxidation stability for high-temperature carbon deposits generation
 Significantly reducing of noise level during idle run and vibration of gearbox
 High-level of wear protection in wide range of temperatures from -35 0C till 40 0C
 Reducing of repair expenses due to fall-out of gear wear and bearings
 Reducing of fuel consumption during warm-up period and start-up of vehicle
 it is designed in accordance with requirements of VAZ drain intervals for gear box – 75 000 km of 5 years


TNK Trans KP Super 75W-90 is recommended for vehicle gearboxes, witch demand oils of API GL-4. This gear oil is approved by AVTOVAZ for application in front and rear wheel drive and transfer box of vehicles.


Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 14.76
Dynamic viscosity, CCS, at -4°C, mPa⋅s  110000
Viscosity index 150
Density at 20°C, g/cm3 0.880
Flash point COC, °C 210
Pour point,°C 44
Copper corrosion test at 120°C during 3 hrs 1B
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