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TNK Trans Gipoid Super 75W-90



TNK Trans Gipoid Super 75W-90 is a top grade multigrade semisynthetic transmission oil for lubrication of transmission of cars and trucks including those with hypoid gears as well as transfer gears and gear units of steering systems where producers recommend class GL-5 oils (API classification).
The oil is made with use of high quality hydrotreated mineral base oils and packages of patented foreign additives and technologies. It is not recommended for manual gearboxes with synchronizers made of non-ferrous metals.


TNK Trans Gipoid Super 75W-90 transmission oil provides the following advantages:
 package of foreign anti-scuff additives assures a high level of protection at different loads, including high speeds, high driving moments as well as impact loads;
 a high level of wear protection in a wide range of temperatures from -35° C to + 40° C;
 reduction of wear of gear train and bearings decreases expenditures for repair;
 it is designed fully in accordance with requirements of domestic and foreign producers of hypoid gears for both cars and trucks.


TNK Trans Gipoid Super 75W-90 transmission oil complies with class GL-5
(API classification).


Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 15-17
Dynamic viscosity,  at -40°C, mPa⋅s  150 000
Viscosity index 150
Density at 2°C, g/cm3 0.910
Flash point COC, °C 180
Pour point, °C -43
Corrosion of copper plate at temperature of 120°C during three hours, points 2B


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