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TNK Trans KP 80W-85



TNK Trans KP 80W-85 is high performance transmission oil designed for manual gearboxes; it is comprised of the hydro-processed distillate base oils and the specific imported package of additives.
The TNK Trans KP 80W-85 oil may also be used in all assemblies and units of domestically produced cars and other vehicles which require the GL-4 Class oils.


Advantages of the TNK Trans KP 80W-85 oil are as follows:
 Good anti-foaming and anti-corrosive properties and compatibility with sealing materials
 High resistance to oxidation; no high temperature deposits
 The oil provides high level of protection against wear in a wide load range
 Reduced wear of toothed gears and bearings decreases repair expenditures
 First oil filled on the AutoVAZ conveyor


The TNK Trans KP 80W-85 oil conforms to API GL-4 Class and has been approved by AutoVAZ for use in the gearboxes of both front-wheel drive and ‘classic’ car models (see Technical Report TO 1460 dated as of 01.03.2004).


Kinematic viscosity at 100°c, mm2/s 13.5
Viscosity index 90
Open cup flash point, °c 210
Density at 20°c, g/cm3 0.905
Dynamic viscosity,  at -26°c, mPa⋅s  90000
Freezing point, °c -30
Acidity index, mg KOH/g 1.0


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