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TNK Trans TM-3-18k



The TNK Trans TM-3-18k oil is designed for all-season operation in transmissions of trucks and other ground-line vehicles with cylindrical, conical and spiral bevel gearings where oils of the API GL-3 (TM-3) level are required.
Trans TM-3-18k is distillate mixture-based oil with residual components consisting of high performance composition of additives. The ‘k’ index means that the oil has been approved for all-season operation in the KAMAZ transmissions.


Advantages of the TNK Trans TM-3-18k are as follows:

  • Good anti-foaming and anti-corrosive properties and compatibility with sealing materials
  • High performance during the whole service life due to high oxidation stability
  • Reduced wear of toothed gears and bearings decreases repair expenditures


TNK Trans TM-3-18k conforms to SAE 80W-90 viscosity class, as well as API GL-3. The oil has been tested at KAMAZ and its specifications (TU) have been agreed upon by means of Letter No 17 2-27-7610 dated as of July 7, 2005.


Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s


Dynamic viscosity at -26° C, mPa⋅s

145 000

Viscosity index


Density at 20° C, g/cm3


Flash point COC, ° C


Pure point, ° C

- 30

Copper corrosion test at 120 ° C during 3 hrs



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