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TNK Trans Gipoid 85W-140



The TNK Trans Gipoid 85W-140 oil is designed for heavy duty transmissions of highway trucks and buses, as well as for off-highway vehicles including construction, quarry and agricultural vehicles. The oil is used in heavy duty differential transmissions and main gears operating under higher pressures and shock loads.

The oil is comprised of the high viscosity mineral base oil and the modern imported package of additives. The oil is not recommended for use in manual transmissions with control clocks made of non-ferrous metals. It is not recommended for the transmissions which require the ATF fluids and engine oils. For self-locking differentials a specific lubricating material may be required.


Advantages of the TNK Trans Gipoid 85W-140 oil are as follows:

  • The oil is designed in accordance with the requirements to domestically produced and imported hypoid gearings of both trucks and cars.
  • The specialized imported package of anti-seizure and anti-wear additives provides high lubrication performance, higher operation reliability and continuity.
  • High thermal and oxidation stability of the base oil minimizes deposit formation on the tooth gears.
  • Superior protection against rusting if water comes into the system
  • Improved compatibility with material of gaskets and seals


The TNK Trans Gipoid 85W-140 transmission oil conforms to GL-5 Group according to API Classification. The designation according to GOST 17479.2-85: TM-5-34.


Kinematic viscosity at 100° C, mm2/s


Dynamic viscosity at -12° C, mPa⋅s


Viscosity Index


Density at 20°C, g/cm3


Flash point COC, °C


Pour point, ° C


Corrosion of copper plate at temperature of 120°C during three hours, points



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