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TNK Trans KP 80W



Oil TNK Trans KP 80W is designed to be used in transmissions, mechanical transmissions, transfer cases, PTO, differentials and other nodes, trucks, buses, road construction machinery of domestic and foreign producers

in cases where cards lubricant specifications management or operation of equipment condition require the use of multigrade classes API GL-4 and ZF 02B.

Oil TNK Trans KP 80W is a mineral gear oil for a new generation of mechanical synchronized transmissions. Carried out by using hydrotreated distillate base oil and additive package that provides the necessary protection against wear and scuffing. The optimized formulation allows extend service intervals.


TNK Trans KP 80W provide following advantages:

  • Optimum wear properties provide long-term protection of gears, thus eliminating early failure of the transmission
  • High oxidation stability prevents the formation of deposits, allowing the extension of oil change
  • Has excellent low temperature properties characterized by improved flow and ease of gear in the cold season
  • Differs improved foaming and corrosion, compatibility with seal materials
  • Active anti-corrosion additive package components effectively prevent corrosion of equipment when working in extreme conditions


  • Viscosity grade SAE 80W
  • Operational class classification API GL-4.
  • Meets the requirements of ZF TE-ML 02B


Kinematic viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s 15.02
Dynamic viscosity CCS at - 20 °C, mPa⋅s 6600
Viscosity Index 138
Density at 15  C, g/cm 0.884
Sulfated ash, % mass 1.4
TBN, mg KOH/g 9.93
Open-cup flash-point, 214
Pour point,  ? -38
NOACK test, % 12.0


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