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Hydraulic oil VMGZ

Hydraulic oil VMGZ
Oil is for hydrostatic transmission. Designed for
hydraulic gears and hydraulic control system of road-building machines, carrying and lifting and other machines
operating at pressure in the systems up to 250 kgf/smg. It
is operative in the temperature range from-40° to +50.
It is recommended for north regions as year-round, and for
middle geographical area – as winter. Has high low-temperature properties.
Ingredients: low-viscous mineral base, thickening, anti-wear, antioxidant additives and antifoam agents.


Physical and chemical characteristics


Typical values 

 Kinematic viscosity at 50°C,   mm2/s 


 Viscosity index 


 Flash point, °C


 Pour point, °C


 Density at 20°C,  g/sm3   



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